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Easter Lamb

Traditional Pascal lamb. But what a treat!

Russian cuisine

Russian Cuisine It’s difficult to place Russian cuisine. Somewhat influenced by French cooking, it also uses locally-produced vegetables from the country’s dense forests and freshwater fish from the many rivers and lakes. Most people think of Russian food...

Breakfast in Montmartre

We had breakfast at a bakery called Coquelicot in Montmartre, near Place Pigalle, still a red light area but much subdued compared to the old days. Coquelicot means poppy in French. The frosted-glass pichets of water are decorated with the red flowers, and the bakery...
Feasting: The Language of Food

Feasting: The Language of Food

This is a photo of an ancient feasting scene from the Caucasus, which is on display at the Hermitage in St Petersburg. Well, I thought it was a convivial scene and fitting for what I hope will become a regular blog about the language of food. I tried a range of...
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