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May is the perfect month for bluebell walks. The season only lasts a few weeks, but the bright blues and purple-mauves of the bluebells give me a joyous feeling.

This year we have gone to Knowlands wood near Spithurst, and Marstakes wood which is not far away, just to the north of Barcombe. For the first, we had a downpour just after we arrived; and our second venue was so muddy, we had to turn back after squelching our way around for less than an hour. But on both visits, we were treated to fantastic bluebells.

Below is a photo of one of my favorite trees with a carpet of bluebells beneath it. The tree is an oak, it has tremendous dignity despite one or two branches splitting under their own weight.

The featured photo at the top is from the wood near Spithurst. It’s idyllic, and the owners (or stewards, as one of the people we met there styled himself) are really determined to keep the wood unspoilt. No dogs, no loud music, no litter. This ensures an atmosphere that respects the nature around about, and I have often been here and felt like I was entering a church.

This sense of wonder at the sacred nature of nature is something that we should treasure. Like the bluebells. It might not be with us forever!

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