Lou Terral

Vastly improved in recent years, Lou Terral has had some great menus du hour this summer. One of the best salads served was this Roquefort salad with walnuts and tomatoes. Delicious.

Cote Lewes

2 August. French onion soup, hake piperade, creme brulee, good Saint Chinian red, delicious cocktail on the house to start.
Vancouver’s La Quercia

Les Philosophes

Les Philosophes is a buzzing eatery in the heart of Paris’ Marais district

Wiccaninnish Inn

We went on to the Wiccaninnish Inn, which turned out to be much posher than I had expected. I thought it would be a bit faded and run-down, but it is a high-end venue for weddings and the like, and we decided that we were probably rather under-dressed for dinner in...