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US Country Profile

Introductory Notes "There's just like the faintest soupçon of, like, asparagus and there's a, just a flutter of a,...

Australia Country Profile

Introduction Australia’s past as a penal colony may not seem the most promising for the production of fine wine, but...

Alert: Ukraine

Unintended Consequences: Impact of Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine on the Wine Sector  This article provides background...

Chile Country Profile

Overview What’s 900 km long, 100 km wide and makes great wine? The answer is Chile. Spanning seven degrees of...

Argentina Country Profile

Argentina Country Profile

Argentina’s reputation for Malbec is strong, but new wine regions outside Mendoza are experimenting boldly with new and unusual grapes.

Some Common Indian Food Words

This short list of Indian words used in cooking was compiled with the help of the Google Translate language App पालक...

Lebanese Wines

LebanonLebanon has been making wine for centuries. The country is known for the great Red wines of Gaston Hochar and...

Welsh Wines

  August 5-8, 2021 I drank my first ever bottle of Welsh wine looking down from the terrace of my friend’s house in...

Korean food in Seoul

Korean food in Seoul

Kimchi has become almost synonymous with Korean food, but there’s more to this cuisine than pickled cabbage

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine is a unique fusion of eastern and western influences

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