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This is my food and wine blog, with my online cooking diary, notes of my food experiences while travelling and tasting notes from my Vivino feed.

My mother was Austrian and a fabulous cook. I was brought up on wonderful Austrian soups like Leberknodelsuppe, hearty favourites like Bauernschmaus,  not to mention the super-delicious cakes and desserts that served in the pastry shops of Vienna and beyond. I was spoilt rotten as a child, and was an incredibly fussy eater!

The first wines I drank were also from Austria. My grandfather was a cooper, making wine barrels for Austria’s most prestigious wine producers including Lenz Moser. Dinner was accompanied by a 2l bottle of Gruner Veltliner and when I reached my late teens, I was allowed to drink with the adults.

Despite my fussiness over food as a child, I have developed a passion for most cuisines from around the world. Although I have particularly fond memories of Austria, my travels took me to Asia, the Middle East and most parts of Europe. In Singapore, business lunches allowed me to sample the cuisines of India, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, and I spent a memorable few years in Japan which is still among my favourite styles of food. In Dubai, I enjoyed an even wider range of foods from across the Gulf region, as well as Bangladesh, Pakistan and Iranian food, and some of the best Indian I have tried anywhere.

This food and wine blog celebrates a life mis-spent on eating and drinking far too much. As I easy-wheel my way towards what I hope will be a ripe old age, I look forward to trying even more new and exotic dishes and even more new and exotic wines. 

The Art of Wine Making

There is something very special about wine. Each grape has its own qualities, from all-purpose white grapes like Chardonnay, to tough and resilient black grapes such as  Cabernet Sauvignon to thinner-skinned but delicious red grapes like Pinot Noir.

Grapes are shaped by the climate and weather, ripening slowly in warm sunlight. But they can also be hit hard by too much scorching heat, or by sudden frost and hail. The grapes also soak up nutrients from the soil, and their flavours are affected by the minerals in the soils in which they grow. More recent research suggests that the micorrhizal networks in which the roots of the vine grow can also affect the flavour of wines, as well as the yeasts that are used in fermentation.

Every bottle has its own unique personality and discovering each wine as an individual is the quintessence of the joy of wine-drinking     

Wine Tastings

By arrangement

Local Winery Tours

By Arrangement

If Music

be the food of love, play on 

I have arranged several wine tastings for friends, and I am currently doing my Wine and Spirit Education Trust exams to extend and deepen my knowledge of wine. 

Put A Cork In It

As they say in Austria.

In Vino Veritas

As they say in Latin.

The proof is in the bottle

AS they don’t say in France.


I plan to set up a weekly wine chat for anyone interested in sampling wines. Send us an email if you are interested.