Beaujolais Delivers

Exploring the villages of Beaujolais in January was a challenge but I struck lucky at the Caveau Chateau de Fleurie

Beaune and the Musee de Vins

My visit to the Musee de Vin at Beaune was a vivid reminder of how important wine has been in the history of the Bourgogne region.

Along the Birmingham Canals

We walked along the Birmingham Canals where graffitti artists have made their mark in technicolor

Visiting Soubes

We drove to Soubes in Languedoc for our annual holiday in the south of France.

Our Dorset Trip

We visited Dorset in July 2021 to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!

My e-bike journey begins

My e-bike journey begins. 61st birthday. Down to the allotment. Nothing can go wrong,.

Cave Paintings

Hidden deep inside caves, art from 15,000 years ago and even earlier


Far enough north to see the aurora borealis, you can bathe outside in the coldest winter

Haw Par Villas

A slice of madness in the business-focused Southeast Asian financial capital Singapore

Agios Nikolaos

Still a sleepy Greek fishing village even though the Peloponnese has become a magnet for tourists has a simple mission. We aim to provide our readers with vital commercial intelligence about the wine sector. This includes developments affecting the supply and demand for wine, as well as manufacturing and transport costs.

Our aim is to launch this as a subscription service in September 2022. We will be updating the website on a trial basis over the next couple of months, and hoping to build enough interest and readers to launch a Beta version in April.

Latest Posts

Sultan Lewes

A Turkish restaurant without Turkish wine? Sultans opened about three weeks ago in Lewes, after several months of “Coming Soon”. The banner had been hung over the entrance to the restaurant that was formerly Spice Merchants early this year, but for some reason Sultans...

Visiting Hope Gap

Hope Gap has been the topic of books and films. From the beach you can see see the Seven Sisters stretching all the way from Cuckmere Haven to Beachy Head.

Austria Profile

Austria Profile

It's difficult for me to be objective about Austrian wines. I was born in Austria in the town of St Polten in Niederosterreich, and my grandfather Rudolf Sturzeis made barrels for the Austrian wine makers. I remember his workshop from when I was a child with the large...

Hungary Profile

Hungary Profile

Hungary is legendary for its Aszu and Eszencia wines, but its reputation for dry wines is growing

South African Wines

South African Wines

South Africa has a growing reputation for Sauvignon Blanc and premium red wines

Rioja wine region map

[wpgmza id="5"]The Rioja wine region is the best known wine region in Spain, and one of only two Denominacions with a DOCa designation. This stands for Denominacion de Origen Calificada, and is above the usual DO status. The region can be subdivided into three main...

New Map

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Greek Wines

Greek Wines

Greece’s indigenous grapes have put it on the map for wines with a difference

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