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Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness. The apples are ripe and ready for eating.

Saudi Here We Go

This is a dry and dusty city. As we drove back from the airport, the sand hung above the road, and we drove through the stark sand coloured cutaways in the rock. My taxi driver communicated via Google Maps. It was a functional dialogue: I typed in the name of the...

Back in Austria after far too long

So happy to be in Austria again! My flight was early and my first on Wizz Air. I wasn’t too sure what the name evoked in me, but it turned out to be a friendly and efficient service. I had bought a rather feminine new rucksack for the occassion, to meet the 40 x...


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The Celtic festival of Samhain is a highlight of the pagan year

Shiraz (Syrah) Wine Tasting

The Glug Club moved on to the reds. In this flight we tried four very different Shiraz wines (Syrah) from South Africa, Southeast Australia and then Western Australia, and then finally a classic French Syrah form the northern Rhone. Swartland Shiraz 2021Wine of...

Sauvignon Blanc Tasting

Half a dozen friends came round for the wine tasting, and we decided to call ourselves the Glug Club. The first flight was Sauvignon Blanc. Although planting patterns suggest this grape is ever more popular, many people I know can’t stand it: they feel...
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