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Today we went off to Pezenas to meet up with our friends again.  It is over 20 years since we were last there and we both remember going out for lunch there when the kids were tiny. We eventually found the very restaurant we ate at – le vieux coq- it looked different but we felt happy to find it still there. 

Pezanas had a good vibe – arty, edging on being a little too touristique but overall I liked the feel of the place and it is very beautiful  We found the old Jewish ghetto and browsed around the windy narrow streets before having an enjoyable lunch at the Poisson Verre (in fact, it is called Le Poisson Verre, even though it’s tempting to change it to Vert). Baked camembert, then Pork Belly, and Picpoul de Pinter. The walls have pictures of sea-fish and coelenterates. We went into Flipo’s workshop, pretty artwork but rather insubstantial, a lovely enclosed garden at the back. Nearby is a wonderful bookshop for novels, although I was unable to find a good second-hand bookshop.

We had been hoping to buy another bottle of that excellent St Chinian wine from Domaine de Lauzeta that I bought at Clermont a couple of years ago, but we were not able to find the shop. But we did find Domaine de l’Aster from Pezenas as an alternative, and procured a bottle of framboise to drink with vin blanc, like cassis.



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