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The 1st of September is always a turning point for me, I feel more focussed on work and getting things done, and the weather itself starts to turn here, suddenly the days feel less blistering and more autumnal, so that feels like another stage of the holiday.

In the first two weeks, it was hot almost every day, and with a strong wind blowing from the north, quite blustery which made it more comfortable, but still in the mid 30s each day. Then with the start of September, the wind seemed to switch to a southerly, but surprisingly bring cooler stormier weather.

What with the drought and the heatwaves this has been a weird and troubling summer, climate-wise.  We haven’t heard the cicadas this year and research suggests this is because they do not like it too hot so have probably retreated further north.

We have been away for 2 weeks and it feels very welcome to have a longer time here, experiencing  the transition from summer to autumn, temperature dropping and weather more unsettled. Now the weather has turned again, and it’s rather misty and cool, with a speckle of rain. It feels quite refreshing.

The storm had been threatening for days but it has hit us only today, albeit in a half hearted sort of way. Usually, the storm has passed us by, although there was a dramatic evening where we could see strong forked lightning from the terrasse.


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