At the mouth of the Douro river, the gateway to a world of food, wine and vibrant culture.


A port city on the Pacific Ocean famous for its cosmopolitanism and cuisine


Ucluelet is at the other end of Long Beach from Tofino, and has a quite different feel to it. If Tofino is chic and...


Nanaimo had a rather slow pace, it felt almost worn out rather than laid back. We initially missed the town...


  We stayed with friends in a huge, lovely house on the sea, looking out onto the Ferry terminal and the coal loading...

Porto – Roll Out the Barrel

Porto lies at the mouth of the Douro river, and is the gateway to a world of food, wine and vibrant culture.

Lewes, East Sussex

We moved here in 1997, on the strength of having enjoyed a pint in one of the many local pubs. Lewes is the historic...

Reading Hamburg

Let's face it: I am passionate about bookshops. New or old, I feel at home as soon as I cross the threshold. I'd never...

This Could Be Rotterdam

I have always associated trips to Rotterdam with gloomy industrial installations and lots and lots of oil tankers and...

New Delhi 1

A few yards to the north of the hotel I'm staying at, I found this intriguing microcosm of life in Delhi. The pink...

Sultan Lewes

A Turkish restaurant without Turkish wine? Sultans opened about three weeks ago in Lewes, after several months of...

Visiting Hope Gap

Hope Gap has been the topic of books and films. From the beach you can see see the Seven Sisters stretching all the way from Cuckmere Haven to Beachy Head.

Austria Profile

It's difficult for me to be objective about Austrian wines. I was born in Austria in the town of St Polten in...

Hungary Profile

Hungary is legendary for its Aszu and Eszencia wines, but its reputation for dry wines is growing

South African Wines

South Africa has a growing reputation for Sauvignon Blanc and premium red wines

Rioja wine region map

[wpgmza id="5"]The Rioja wine region is the best known wine region in Spain, and one of only two Denominacions with a...

Greek Wines

Greece’s indigenous grapes have put it on the map for wines with a difference

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