We headed for a beach called Tarti at the less touristy southern end of Lesbos.

It is off the main road down about 5 miles of untarmaced track; and there is a perfect bay, with Restaurant Sebastian at one end, which is the part we went to; it’s reached only after what must be a 1 in 4 hill down to the beach, and the route there takes you through olive groves that I can only guess must be several hundred if not thousands of years old, the trees are so knotted and twisted.

We sat in a little hidey bit just before the rocks on the eastern end of the bay, and I was very surprised to see two marble columns behind us, so I went and investigated the hill above the rocks, and was excited to find more columns and also what I think is probably an early Christian shrine or pre-Christian temple at the top, there’s a simple V-shaped outline of a building, and then a post-hole very clearly defined.

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