We took the long way down.

Somehow we had remembered that the turnoff for the beach at Agia Triada was opposite the Shell petrol station. In fact, it is the left turn after the filling station.

After about a quarter of an hour of ever smaller tracks, we ended up behind a red tractor which seemed to be wedged between two houses, amd I imagined having to reverse my way back several hundred metres to turn back.

Luckily, after a bit of hand-gesturing, the tractor moved forward to let us pass, and we were at the familiar parking spot for the beach.

We could tell it was busy, because there was another white Fiat Panda parked up under the trees.

Agia Triada is always our favorite beach. It is just a strand of fine sand under high sandy cliffs, but we love its simplicity. The only facility is a tap where you can wash your feet, at the top of the steep path that leads down to the beach.

We have been to this beach countless times, first with the kids as children, then as teenagers, and most recently we made messages on the sand to wish our son Good Luck in his finals at University.

It gives one a philosophical twinge to contemplate the beach over the years, unchanging despite the waves while so much has changed in our own lives.

A handful of Dutch, German and British tourists had strung themselves out over several hundred yards.

We spent a few hours in the shade of a tree that dropped juniper black berries on us when the wind blew.

The road back was much easier than the one we had chosen to get there. The main road was just a few hundred yards further on from the Shell station.

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