Stumbled on this atmospheric restaurant in Place du Bourg du four in Geneva’s Old City. I wasn’t clear about the navy connection, but the staff were friendly and excellent food. We had the Fondue Moitie Moitie with Boletus, so a fondue made from two cheeses with cepes that gave it a fantastic flavour. They served it bubbling in the usual cast iron pots with a wrought iron platter underneath that looked like it had been made by the local blacksmith. After that, I had venison with chestnuts and mushrooms, a real autumn dish with delicious tender meat, very generous portions so I did not make it to the finishing line. Restaurants in Geneva are often more pricey than they deserve, but this was a friendly and cosy find, and the bar/cafĂ© which runs in the rooms off the restaurant itself looked to be full, so a popular spot.

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