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Next, we drove on through Aniane and out to Daumas Gassac. Last time we went there was about 20 years ago, and they mistook us for the workers from the vendange. This time, we got a very friendly welcome and we were taken up to the tasting room to sample some of the wines from Moulin de Gassac.

We ended up buying six bottles for ourselves, three of red, one frizzante rose and two white wines, and then a 2019 Daumas Gassac red for € 50 as a present for Jim, which came in a nice wooden box. The tasting room there is beautiful, and very relaxed, with no snobbery or pressure to buy, so it was a good experience.

We paid for the wine, then I noticed the rather cool corkscrews, but we didn’t have any cash handy. The woman who had taken us up to the tasting room and served the wines said No problem, please take it as a gift, so quite a nice gesture. I felt quite touched!


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