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We drove straight back to Soubes; it’s so nice having a satnav in the car. We spent the evening in the garden and sur la terrasse, goat’s cheese tart and salad, and the Estabel rose wine, then doing some reading. Next, a lazy day by the poolside before picking up Emily from Montpellier airport, and then heading back for more Rest and Relaxation. We had been thinking about going to Palavas les Flots, which is near the airport, but it looked rather touristy so we decided to keep it simple.

We had a lovely time with Emily, and although her visit was brief, she did all the things she wanted, including plenty of relaxing by the pool. We collected her at about 4 pm as her flight was slightly delayed, good timing as we took quite a long time to get through Montpellier due to heavy traffic. So nice to be all together once again! The last time we were all here together was five years ago. We had a meal down the bar, one of the best we have had with beetroot salad, green salad, Roast beef, steak and chips, plenty of wine (1 liter of red and 1 liter of rose) and the whole thing cost just over 100 euros.

Then the Lodeve market on Saturday, I think after a quick swim. Emily took us out for a coffee after the market, I was touched as money is a bit tight! Quick visit to the librairie where Luke found his Djabar book for Oxford. I bought myself a tee-shirt and shorts for painting in, although these turned out to actually be better than the ones I’ve been using, so I’ve been using my orange tee-shirt and underpants for the creative work! We had been planning to go to Super U, but decided to leave that and went back home for an afternoon by the pool. In the market, we had bought Daurade for the evening, which Emily and I barbecued together; they were really delicious. Of course, dozens of pics of the event on her Instagram, @neeedlesandnoodles, as happens with almost any other culinary happening.

Sunday morning we went to Super U for the annual replenishing of toiletries supplies. Luke also bought himself some stationary, and I splashed out on a Larousse dictionary for € 30 which has tempted me for several years. The afternoon was again by the pool, then an evening meal of Sausages and Aligot, a thick gooey melange of potatoes and cheese. Just like in the old days, we played Scrabble on Saturday and Sunday night. The final game was terrific, with all of us separated by just 10-15 points, although the first one I won by a mile. Anyway, very enjoyable, and we spent the next morning before the flight by the pool.


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