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We drove off to the village of Menetou Salon for dinner, at a place called Le Fluteau. I did not have terribly high hopes, it seemed friendly but rather plain. But the food was unbelievably good, with each dish tweaked by unexpected flavours, one of the best meals we have had in France in recent years, and definitely a notch up for the bar in Soubes. We had a tuna amuse-bouche, then a plate of charcuterie enlivened by a cup of sweet gazpacho, then steak for the main course but with a rich creamy sauce with dried morels, absolutely lovely. Jenny was able to drink Menetou Salon Pinot Noir, whereas sadly I was on the coke, but it was a truly memorable meal.

Before that, we went to the local Intermarche at Henrichemont, and topped up our wine stores for the journey back. It is a pleasant village, not exactly buzzing. The whole region feels like a backwater, less dry and less interesting than the Languedoc, but also without the opulence of Normandy.

Menetou Salon, at least at first glance, also had little to offer, but a pleasant laid back atmosphere. The wine is mainly from Pinot Noir, and the white is a typical light-bodied Loire wine, with Sancerre just down the road about 10 miles away. It would be a great place to explore for longer.


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