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Elia wine list

The wine list at Ilia is a good starting point to explore the wines of the Peleponnese.


Koroni wine shops

Jenny and I went into Koroni to do some wine tasting, but as a result of a misunderstanding, we ended up at two completely different wine shops: I went to Yiamas, run by a large chap called Adonis, and Jenny went to the shop at the opposite end of town, run by Yiannis, who has done the Level 3 WSET Exam.

Yiannis seemed more wine savyy, and certainly more sales savvy, than Adonis. That said, Adonis has been in business in Koroni for longer; he said there are now 4-5 wine shops, but that he was the first!

We ended up buying four bottles of wine, two each from Adonis and Yiannis, and we will see which come out on top! So far, Adonis’ favourite red has proved a real gem, a blend of Agiorgitiko and Mavroudi, very soft and lightly oaked, really nice and easy to drink. But we have a rose from Adonis, and then a Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah blend plus a white wine from the Rhoditis from Yiannis.

Now drinking the Rhoditis from Yiannis’ shop in Koroni. This is a straw-coloured white wine, and it is bone dry with subtle lemon, apricot and mineral flavours. Yiannis compared it to Pinot Grigio, and it is similar, but it lacks the fruit and acidity. I actually really like it, but the flavours don’t exactly burst out on the tongue, it has quite restrained and even slightly reduced flavours. Definitely interesting and uniquely Greek.

None of the wines we have had is like the vast bulk of the wines from Spain, Portugal and France, although it’s likely that over time they will become more like that! But just now each of them tastes different and I love that variety. Anyway, vive la difference, and cheers to Greek wine.


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