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  • Paris, Rouen, Montpellier
  • Museums: Louvre, D’Orsay
  • The painted caves of Dordogne
  • Wine degustation in Bordeaux
  • Wild swimming 
  • Glamping at camp sites
  • Beaches at Nice and Marseilles
  • Rivers: Seine, Loire, Tarn, Lot
  • Labyrinth at Chartres
  • Champagne, Burgundy




It’s impossible to sum up the joys of France in a few lines. This is a huge, sophisticated country with a kaleidoscopic variety of beauties. The nearby list gives some tips but each item merits a separate voyage of discovery. France is probably most famous for food and wine. Languedoc in the south is famed for its seafood, the Loire and Dordogne offers regional variety, Paris offers a lifetime of food and culture.


France has among the best cycling facilities in Europe. Most French drivers also cycle in their spare time and vacations, so cars tend to be bike vigilant. That said, facilities for bike charging are not that impressive, and uptake of EVs has been slowed by the high proportion of diesel cars. The French love their nature, but their record on e-travel is mixed.


France has a reasonable record of environmental sustainability due to the use of nuclear power which accounts for 75% of power gen. Its emissions remain relatively high per capita because of the use of diesel cars and slow phase-out of the old car stock. Recycling facilities are impressive in some areas, primitive in others.  


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