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  • Cities: Lisbon and Porto
  • Wine: Douro and Dao valley
  • Nature: Douro riverboat
  • Beaches: Algarve (but crowded)
  • Festival: Feast of St James


Portugal excels for city breaks, and is a popular summer holiday spot — especially the beaches of the Algarve. Those who prefer more remote spots will enjoy the northern areas around Faro. 

E-travel options

From UK, the best e-option is by ferry from Portsmouth to Bilbao, and the e-bike or EV to your destination. Hiring an EV only possible at main airports. E-asy ranking is 5/24 inm


Portugal has a chequered past but is currently one of the most progressive countries in Europe for sustainability, thanks to robust policies on recycling and high uptake of wind and solar power, 



Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness. The apples are ripe and ready for eating.