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After Long Beach, we went further along the coast to a stretch of rainforest, also awe-inspiring. The trees are higher than those we saw in Cathedral Grove, and the wooden path that they have built through the different levels of forest allowed you to get a sense of the multi-layered forest, with the younger trees at the top and then much older growth at the bottom, some of the trees being 800 years old. Looking down from the walkway, all you could see was the tangle of undergrowth and the huge trunks of trees, some of which have fallen down and form a kind of base for other growth, and everywhere ferns, moss, and a startling variety of other plants.

The rain forest walk made a big impression on both of us.  It was incredibly moving to see the astonishing biodiversity and to walk through the forest, starting in the upper levels of the new forest with its relatively young trees, and gradually going down to the forest floor. It was like entering another world, somewhat similar to the feeling you get when you’re snorkelling and observing life in the ocean.  There was still a fair bit of pristine rain forest left here, mainly because of huge environmental protests against the logging industry which took place in Tofino in the early 90’s.

It is somehow tragic to think that without those protests, we might have lost more of the forest and of course just so sad to think of all the other forests around the world which have been felled… heartbreaking.

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