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5th: I have been making plans for my first road trips. Claudio Magris’ Danubio and Defoe’s A Journey through the Whole Island of Great Britain have somehow caught my imagination.

The trip along the Danube would be around 2,500 km (1,800 miles) and assuming that I could do an average of 50 km (30 miles) per day it would require around 2 months to complete. It ends at the Black Sea, and there would be an amazing journey to do around the sea as well, although geopolitics would make parts of it rather dangerous.

The Defoe journey consists of a series of smaller trips, and would therefore be more feasible as a starting point, especially during the winter. I read the section on the southeast of England, which looks like it would take less than a week, so I imagine that similar journeys elsewhere would be about the same length. I will try to plan the routes in detail: certainly the S-E England journey looked like a nightmare through south London, and I doubt the cycle paths are sufficiently developed to do the trip safely.

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