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Les Marches et Les Supermarches

Back to Lodeve market on Saturday, the usual market experience. We have been having coffee this year at Le Grand Miniscule. I bought a colourful basket for my oil paints for € 7 which immediately was appropriated as a bread basket for the whole family. The usual plugs and useful wires and phone connectors, all costing € 2-4 each so only breaking the bank cumulatively, and duplicated each year we are there.

The same thing happens in the supermarkets. We went to Super U and Aldi, and also took in Mr Bricolage: I have been buying various rather useful bits of equipment, including metal sieves for tea-leaves as I want to experiment with various natural teas (sage, nettle, verveine) when I get back to Blighty.

As well as the centre aisle at Aldi, each of the supermarkets now has several shelves of bargain basement goods, including magnifying glasses, precision screwdrivers and various bolts, key rings, connectors, adaptors and so on. At Mr Bricolage I bought various phone-related items, micro-screwdrivers for glasses, a Retro thermometer and similar items, for the grand total of Euros 23, Jenny helpfully reminding me that we could have bought 2-3 bottles of wine for that and then sneaking off to spend similar amounts in the Bio shop, where she lamented the absence of her favourite tomatoes. C’est la vie!

We also did a trip to Leclerc at le Bosc, which has a huge electronic and book shop addition, big metal trunks for storage, a much wider range of clothes, and a slightly more interesting selection of wine compered to Super U in Lodeve, although not (it seems) anywhere near as good a selection as the Hyper U Fine Wine store in Clermont.

We have also been visiting Le Four du Celestin for croissants and coffee, not the finest coffee or croissants but a nice place to wait while the car is being fixed, or after Jim’s search for a fridge to replace the ancient box that he currently has.

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