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A Turkish restaurant without Turkish wine? Sultans opened about three weeks ago in Lewes, after several months of “Coming Soon”. The banner had been hung over the entrance to the restaurant that was formerly Spice Merchants early this year, but for some reason Sultans did not actually arrive until early July. The food here was excellent: the usual hot and cold meze, then very generous charcoal grills, meat-oriented, plentiful, protein-packed and with thick dollops of yoghurt. I threw in the towel after I had eaten only about half my main course.

Sadly there was no Turkish wine but there was a long list of cocktails, and Cancaya (white) and Yakut (red) are promised from next week. We had a reasonably priced Australian Shiraz instead. The décor was a bit severe for my taste, but the staff friendly and interested in what we thought of the place, and it felt like it was off to a promising start. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

My suggestions: go for slightly smaller portions, more finesse, and more Turkish drinks, especially the wine.

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