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We went down to Clermont l’Herault for the market on Wednesday, which was even better than I had remembered, many more stalls than Lodeve, and we came back with a new basket, sausages and aligot but sadly no books as the second-hand libraire was shut until mid September, so even next week we will miss it.

We have spotted a famous TV Chef there in the past(whose name I forget, and I just looked him up in the top 50 and he wasn’t even mentioned, so maybe not so famous) so it obviously has a bit of a foodie reputation.

As usual, visited the local cathedral. We have had amazing experiences of hearing the organ here, but in fact it was all quiet, so I just lit a candle for the ancestors and headed on. The cathedral has a rich history and has historically vied with Lodeve’s St Fulcran as the main influencer in the region.


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