I always imagine the drive down to Tsapi beach to be shorter than it actually is.

Although the beach and taverna are among the most delightful, and the views of the sea and hills on the way down are postcard lovely, I cannot take them in because the road has more twists and turns than a Whodunnit. I spend most of the drive back worrying that I will meet a motorhome on its descent into paradise.

Tsapi beach really is like paradise. Jenny said that there are one or two angry rants among the online reviews of the tavernas but it’s difficult to imagine that these have any real substance. Maybe just the odd person who had a little too much sun.

Tsapi is a horse-shoe shaped bay with shallow water and fine sand stretching out far into the sea. At one end is a rocky area with a headland above it and a tiny  church. The other end has a towering hill descending sharply to the sea, at the top of which someone has somehow got planning permission for a big white monstrosity of a building. It looks very out of place.

We had lunch at the taverna run by Maria, although I am still not clear if this is the same lady who runs Maria’s taverna next door along the beach.

This time I ordered the chicken in tomato sauce as Maria said it was one of her own chickens. Jenny ordered whitebait, which were quite plump and not the stringy dry wisps that you often get. Similarly, the chicken, absolutely delicious, and we also had one of the best tsatsikis of the holiday.

(I should try doing a post about tsatsiki, every restaurant seems to have its own version. Also true of the bread!)

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