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Towards Koroni

From Agios Andreas, you can either turn right in the direction of Koroni, or left towards Kalamata. Our favortie places on the route towards Koroni are Xarakopio and Aga Triada.


This small town, also spelt Charakopio, is on the way to Koroni, and has a largeish supermarket where I managed to buy some children’s pastels. We’ve eaten here at the restaurant behind the church, and this time we saw there was a new shop selling Greek paintings and prints, unfortunately our visiting times and its opening times never quite coincided.

Nea Koroni

Well, we only formed a superficial impression of Nea Koroni, as we usually drive through it on the way to Koroni. The supermarket is pretty good, with a good butchery doing fresh meat, fresh milk and yoghurt and a reasonable selection of wines, mostly overpriced. Wonderful herbs dried and packaged in brittle plastic wrappers.

We took a brief wander around the main square, then down towards the sea. There are a few other shops, selling quite pretty terracotta ceramics and the usual selection of fresh vegetables, fruit and bottled drinks.

We went to the supermarket at Nea Koroni, got some fresh milk and yoghurt, and then retired to the beach house. A very easy afternoon, then went back to the Longa house and I made an amatriciana using anchovies rather than pancetta. Actually, delicious!


Trying to find some restaurants we had read about, we headed off towards Vounaria. The first of these was a place that apparently has one of the best sea-views, but that didn’t seem to be open, and we ended up having to do a U-turn in the middle of nowhere. The other place was the Peroulia Beach restaurant, which was open but didn’t look too exciting. Well, it’s still out of season, so maybe not the best time to make snap judgements, but none of these places seemed that charming.

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