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Ukraine’s winemakers have vowed to keep going despite the Russian invasion of their country. A promotional video was released on Euronews on 1st March and can be viewed using the link below:

‘No-one will stop us’: Ukrainian winemakers defiant in the face of Russian aggression | Euronews

The video quotes Eugene Shneyderis, owner of the Beykush Winery in southern Ukraine, that the wine growers would support the army in resisting the Russian invasion in any way possible.

Victoria Agromakova, CEO of Wine&Spirits Ukraine, said that the trade group planned to present at the ProWein international wine trade fair in May 2022, with a view to raising the profile of Ukrainian wines globally. issued a country report on Ukraine’s wines on 25th February, the day after the Russian invasion. Please click here for the Ukraine Country Alert.


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