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We seem to have gone to Koroni mainly to eat and shop, but it’s actually a lovely town. We also found some good wine shops there.

The Venetian castle is on a promontory behind the town, and they have built a path that leds you half way around the ramparts. I am not sure if they intend to extend it so you can walk all the way round.

The restaurants in Koroni are also good, although we only had one exceptional meal on our last night. On the first visit, we had a cheese dip called Tiroavremi (check!) and the usual Tsatsiki, then sea bream (which the waiters always call daurade) and I had the Greek sausage, Loukanika, with chips. A good meal, 37 euros with beer and coke.

The amazing meal on the last night was at The Parthenon, which was our old favourite with the kids, The waiter didn’t speak English but had worked for about 20 years in Germany so we ended up talking in Deutsch. This was on Monday night, and they were obviously keen to move some of the fish they had bought, so we had the most amazing meal of grouper and potatoes, everything including the drink for 50 euros. So a really memorable meal!

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