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Various companies offer Whale- and Bear-watching boat trips, and there is also a longer trip to the Hot Springs at Hot Springs Cove, which is around 1.5 hours north of Tofino in Maquinna Provincial Park in the northern end of Clayoquot Sound. The boat trips from Tofino are not cheap, although we were told that part of the fee goes towards conservation efforts around the bay.

The whale watching trip that we did was fabulous, just us and a gay couple from China/America so a very personal experience and we had capable and well informed German captain.  Unfortunately as we headed out to sea, the weather turned from sunny to deep mist, and it was quite chilly. We saw some gray whales which was exciting -.- but only small glimpses as they dived under to feed and we saw their tails disappearing into the ocean. 

Other than that we saw sea otters, sea lions and an eagle as well as numerous sea birds.  It was good to get a sense of the other islands around Tofino, mostly completely uninhabited except by wildlife.

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