Mangal is the Turkish word for barbecue and the charcoal grill at Zorba’s was busy for lunch on Valentine’s Day. This recently-opened restaurant has quickly become one of the most popular in Lewes.

The lunch menu offers one starter, either hot or cold, a main course and dessert for £14.95. You only save a pound if you skip dessert, at least financially, so there was a clear incentive to go for the three- course option.

For our starters, we had a taramasalta that was a work of art, deep pink and decorated with pomegranate seeds. The mantar (mushrooms) were delicious in a rich cheesy sauce.

Main course was chicken shish and sea bass from the mangal grill. Also good, and the staff didn’t seem to mind at all when I spectated on their cooking.

The cheesecake we had for dessert was frozen and rock hard. We used a spoon and fork to break in but a pickaxe would have been more useful. In contrast, the tiramusu was soft, sweet, moist and delicious.

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